The Goal Paper

‘The Goal Paper’, is a new educational project for secondary school students. Beelden aan Zee Museum has entered into this project in cooperation with the Marius van Beek Foundation. The project has been launched on the occasion of the unveiling of the totally restored sculptural group the ‘Goal of Santiago de Chile’ made by sculptor Marius van Beek.

The sculpture group the ‘Goal of Santiago de Chile’ to be exhibited in Beelden aan Zee has an impressive art and cultural history that should be highlighted. ‘What I made is much more than just a goal, it is the enormous destructive brute who devours victims in every state where terror is dominant’ (Marius van Beek).

The Goal Paper
The source of inspiration is the newspaper from 1974 about the ‘Goal of Santiago de Chile’ from the school of Journalism in Utrecht where Van Beek taught art history. The newspaper is the core of the educational programme for secondary school students. The idea is that the students group together to make a newspaper about the ‘Goal of Santiago’ with photos, drawings and articles. For their newspaper they will use archive sources, material and the documentary they find here in the museum. The intention is to stimulate reflection about the ‘Goal of Santiago de Chile’, its history, Marius van Beek as committed artist and the social circumstances in Chile in 1973. These topics are the core and inspiration for broader reflection about society, human rights and peace.

In the museum, the students are given a file with questions. They can answer these questions by watching the documentary and looking at the exhibition and the archive material. The file guides the visit to the museum and forms the basis of the newspaper that the children will write at school. The children can also make a drawing or photos of the sculpture group to be used as illustration in the newspaper.
The universal themes explored, in combination with the different levels, make this programme very flexible and therefore suitable for all school students. All topics are related to the subjects of social studies and cultural and artistic development.

At school
At school the students write the articles, use them to make a newspaper, and if necessary, they go into the subject in more depth. The final result is the Goal Paper. During the Freedom festival in The Hague on 5 May the drawings will be exhibited.

More information
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